Lean Warehouse Management and Why You Need It

Metal Storage Systems

The global standards for industrial storage are increasing gradually and to meet the expectations, many warehouses have adopted lean warehouse management. Lean manufacturing is a method that Toyota introduced for the automotive industry; it aims at eliminating any process or activity that uses resources but does not add value to the product. It is the process to minimise wastage without degrading productivity. A straightforward framework is followed by lean manufacturing, which is defined as- measure, analyse, improve, and finally control.

Modern-day warehouses are not only restricted to storage; several operations go from storing to dispatching a product. In warehouses, the idea of lean manufacturing is to eliminate any process in receiving, put-away, packaging, dispatch, which do not add value to the whole process. Metal Storage is a Lean manufacturer in Chennai, setting high standards for lean manufacturing and related operations. Lean manufacturing is used in warehouse management due to different challenges faced by the managers like:

  • Minimising operational cos
  • Coping with pressure of shorter lead times
  • The increasing number of perfect orders


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