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Metal Storage is one of the leading heavy-duty racks manufacturers in Coimbatore and other major cities in India; we are a one-stop provider for all of the requirements of your heavy-duty racks. Our lean manufacturing methods make us the best in the field. We understand the dynamic requirements of the storage system and build a personalised racking system to fulfil all your needs. We have expanded ourselves to Ahmedabad and Cochin with our unique and versatile racking systems. Storage racks have become a primary factor for any successful business because they add value to enhanced storage, better transportation and handling of products and fast delivery, so we deliver nothing but the best to you!

Every warehouse needs a great racking system with stable and innovative storage techniques; we help you build on our specialised pallet racking system. Our racks are made with a state-of-the-art manufacturing process to provide you with durable and robust solutions. We have branches in multiple cities providing best-in-class racking systems to a broader audience like Chennai, Coimbatore and Pune. So if you are looking for industrial racks, visit us for an optimum and personalised racking system.

Our heavy-duty racks provide a perfect solution for all your industrial requirements with easing your storage system. The racks offer the following benefits for efficient and easy storage:

A systematic warehouse follows the principle of a well-organised racking system. If you are a manufacturer and produce heavy-duty goods, it is an ideal choice for you. The racks are adaptable and easy to adjust, which make them versatile for various industrial purposes. It is suitable for Raw material storage, finished good storage and Bin Storage.
Metal Storage has been a primary heavy-duty rack manufacturer in Bangalore with its principles and rigid rack structure for a long time. We have always prioritised our customers’ requirements and planned our product design accordingly. Our products go through a rigorous process of selection and testing for the best quality.
We also help you in selecting the pallet racking system which is ideal for your industry uniquely. If you are located in Hyderabad or Delhi and looking for a racking system, contact us immediately to find your perfect match.


The pallet racks are designed to store heavy-duty products such as tyres, automobiles parts, etc. The experts comprehend on the various requisites and plan an appropriate design which can store products with ease. We manufacture products based on quality guidelines and ensure to achieve spotless results.



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