Why Pallet Racking Is Getting More Popular

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We can see the extensive use of pallet racks in various industries due to their space-saving properties. The pallet racks help elevate the space of your warehouse or workspace without any need to expand the floor area. The racks work by using vertical spacing and help you utilise every inch of your space. From food industries, pharmaceutical to Aerospace industry, pallet racks can be seen everywhere. To have an excellent storage facility, it is also essential to choose a reliable pallet rack manufacturer. Metso is a Storage racks Manufacturers in Bangalore, making top-notch racks for their customers for decades. Let us dive into more details to find more benefits of pallet racks.

  • Maximum storage space:With the pallet racks, you can increase the storage capacity of your existing warehouse. If you are running out of space to store your inventory or goods but do not have the option of expanding your floor space, pallet racks are an ideal choice for you.
  • Easy access:Sometimes stacking your products over another might cause a lot of damage to your inventory and result in unnecessary expenditure. With pallet racks, you can easily store all your goods without overlapping, and it will provide you with easy access. As a result, it will help you save time and also result in greater productivity.
  • Versatility:The pallets are versatile and customised as per your requirements. You do not have to change your current system, and the manufacturer will make it according to your forklifts types and different needs.
  • Convenience:The pallet racks help in increasing the efficiency of your business by making production easy. In addition, the product handling gets easy with suitable pallet racks. The pallet racks are available in various sizes and colours to suit different industrial requirements. But, of course, you can always choose from the many options available; let us discuss a few pallet racking systems that you can incorporate into your industry.
  • Safety:Safety is one of the key factors to use pallet racks. The pallet racks provide sturdy storage for all the products, which ensure high protection for the employees..
  • Selective racking:this type offers low storage and can be visualised as massive racks with storage of single row items. You can arrange the shelves back-to-back to improve the storage; these racks are primarily used for storing raw materials where there are specific products with less volume. The racks are also flexible with the FIFO and LIFO inventory management. MetSto provides Fifo racks in Bangalore for excellent selective racking.
  • Double deep pallet racking: this is a modified version of selective racking wherein two rows are present for storage instead of one row. The storage is increased, but selectivity is decreased. The main disadvantage of these racks is that they require specialised forklifts for operations, increasing the total cost of handling.
  • Drive-in racking system: this system allows forklifts trucks to drive in the racking bay. Metso is a leading Drive in Rack manufacturers providing the racking system for diverse industrial applications.

How should you select the ideal rack for yourself?

  • Storage space:the first step before choosing a pallet rack is to determine the available warehouse capacity. Though pallet racks utilise vertical spacing, some of the areas are taken by the pallet racks structure itself. In many cases doors, windows have to be modified to accommodate the pallet racks
  • Vertical space: apart from horizontal spacing, analyse how much we can utilise vertical space. Also, ensure the fire suppression system and proper airflow before elevating the stacks.
  • The next step is to determine the shape and size of the pallet racks. This depends upon the palletised load. Always buy frames for fulfilling the future requirements too.
  • Load: the frame must be able to support the load you are putting upon it. It is essential to determine the rack material accordingly; mostly, racks are made of stainless steel, ideal for most industries.
  • Target storage utilisation: This means knowing the warehouse capacity utilisation. High capacity will lead to higher operational costs, and lower capacity will result in difficulty in production.


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