Steel storage racks Manufacturers

Steel storage racks Manufacturers
Large Product Range For Diverse Applications

Metal Storage is one of the leading steel rack manufacturers, making high-quality racking systems. The steel racks are rust-proof and offer more durability than your average racking system. Steel racks have been the vote of trust for most of the manufacturers due to the versatile properties it present.

We have various racks dedicated to multiple business purposes; steel racks are ideal for protecting your goods from rust or termites while giving you a weather-proof and durable solution. We manufacture a range of racks to suit your distinct requirements like:

  • Cantilever racks: are made of steel to give you a durable solution; they are versatile and can be adjusted with your changing requirements. They are ideal for goods that require an open racking system, have easily adjustable arms and allow easy loading and unloading. The racks can accommodate interests of different sizes, shapes and weights for an accessible storage capacity.
  • Heavy-duty racks: it is essential to make them with high-density and robust steel as they hold heavy loads. If you cannot expand your warehouse space, it is an excellent choice for storage; the racks are adjustable and keep up with your changing requirements.
  • Drive-in racks: These are the perfect example of technology helping us grow; the automated process and easy picking by drive-in trucks make it a lot easier to transport and store goods. The racks are made with steel for robust composition and higher durability; they help enhance the warehouse's safety and prevent goods from toppling.
  • Mobile storage racks: these are an ideal option if you have compact space, and when to improve your storage, the racks are made of steel to give you durability and longer life. Mobile storage racks are preferred by various food industries and help you store more in less space.
  • Multi-tier racking system: Many people are sceptical about using a multi-tier racking system due to its pricing, but it is an option to enhance your storage many folds and require zero maintenance and can be adjusted quickly.
  • Mezzanine floors: if you have always dreamt about creating your separate office or any chilling area in your warehouse, which is not possible due to limited spacing, a mezzanine floor is an ideal choice for you. The floor is created between the ground and ceiling and joined with the help of a staircase or ladders. The foundation provides extra space in the warehouse utilising the vertical spacing and gives a unique and aesthetic touch to your warehouse. They are made out of steel for rust-proof construction and termite-proof properties.

We deliver high-quality steel storage racks in Chennai. With our quality and assured durability, we have become a leading steel rack manufacturer serving the best solutions to our consumers.

Our products are quality tested and then reach you maximum safety and assurance; we fabricate our products with the highest quality raw materials and ensure we deliver nothing but the best to you. An ideal racking system is an amalgamation of technology, needs, vision and aesthetics, and Metal Storage system is proud to offer you all the qualities in our racking systems.