Lean Manufacturers

Lean Manufacturers

We are a leading lean manufacturer in Bangalore, incorporating new ways of storage in different industries. Lean manufacturing is the complete utilisation of the raw materials or resources present in your particular industry. It helps in eliminating the wastage from manufacturing to management process. However, wasting resources like idle workers or unused products can lead to less production speed. Learning from these facts, lean manufacturing has come into the process, which helps deal with wastage and minimises it for better production capacity. It means eliminating any function or material in the manufacturing procedure that doesn't add value without compromising production. One of the essential aspects of lean manufacturing is determining what your industry needs, and you don't need to know it all! You can take our help to determine what are the best lean manufacturing methods for your racking system. It is also essential to set goals for your lean manufacturing.

This is how we, as a leading lean manufacturer in Telangana and Chennai deal with lean manufacturing:

  • Value stream mapping
  • Error-proofing
  • A workplace organisation method
  • Production flow analysis
  • Multi-process handling
  • Redesigning

There are various wastes that we should eliminate while practising lean manufacturing:

  • Defects: they require additional effort, time and cost to fix, reducing production speed.
  • Overproduction: the output produced is more than needed, which wastes the raw material and workers' efforts.
  • Waiting period: if something breaks down or you wait for someone's decision to continue to process.
  • Transportation: too much transportation can lead to increased cost and delayed production.
  • Motion waste: excessive movement by machines or workers that do not add value to the process.
  • Unevenness: too much transportation can lead to increased cost and delayed production.

Our five critical factors for perfect lean manufacturing:

  • Value: the first principle is what value you will deliver to the consumer; the customers, not the company, determine the value. 
  • Value system: the second step includes determining a map after you have figured out your values. Draw out every step that you can include in your manufacturing process for resolving any wastage.
  • Flow next step for lean manufacturing is the flow which means analysing the processes and determining if the flow is proper.
  • Pull: it means you should prepare the product just in time so there is no overstocking and also customers get their products in time.
  • Perfection means practising lean manufacturing in all aspects of your company; you should make every process perfect to avoid any wastage.

We are a leading lean manufacturer in Coimbatore and Pune, making the most out of our manufacturing processes. We practice lean manufacturing for giving our customers the best experience. Moreover, our products go through a rigorous testing process before reaching our customers. Our racks are robust and durable and ensure enhanced storage capacity for your warehouse. Metal Storage is a perfect choice for your dynamic and modern racking needs. Choose Metal Storage for an intelligent choice and determine a new plethora of racking solutions.