Metsto built with a strong infrastructure constituting a huge area of 120000 sqft and successfully run by eminent leaders and powerful workers, has been able to deliver efficently over 2000 projects with a monthly production capacity of more than 1500 tonnes using Cutting Edge technology and futuristic equipment.

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pharmaceuticalracks in Goa



Tailored solution for
Pharmaceuticals storage Requirements

The multitier racking system is extensively used in the pharmaceutical industry although you may consider other options to suite your immediate application need as well as future growth.

  • Maximum utility of vertical space
  • Frees-up valuable ground surface area
  • Equipped with stair wells to access each floor and walkways from which to access stores

The pharma industry is a fast growing industry and needs to hygienically store various drugs and syringes in a systemized manner to ease the retrieval and storing process. It needs storage rack which facilitates inventory management and accommodates less storage space.

How should you choose right
racking System?