Case Study

Prime Challenges Faced by HEAVY EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS Industry
Heavy Weight, Damages, Accessibility

The heavy equipment manufacturers had to store various products of different sizes, shapes, and weights. They required a brilliant solution which could optimize space as well as cater different product effectually. They were looking for a cost-effective and reliable solution which would eventually improve their productivity.

Key Issues Faced

  • We require a storage solution to cater products of varying size and shape with the excellent space utilization.
  • The storage rack should have the best plan for storage and ease the transportation process.
  • The storage rack design should be simple & elegant and should be convenient to handle and maintain.
  • A cost-effective storage solution to hasten the overall work process and enhance productivity and credibility.

Metsto Solution for HEAVY EQUIPMENT storage system

METSTO, being a pioneer in providing the best industrial storage solution provides customized pallet rack solutions that store products of different specification with ease. Such an enhanced and futuristic shelving solution has accelerated the inventory management process and improved the storage capacity by 300%. The extraordinary rack by METSTO has helped to access and store products easily and quickly.


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