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Drive In Racking System


As the industries are changing, so as their storage requirements and to meet with modern needs, Metal Storage is a leading drive-in rack manufacturer helping businesses to upgrade their storage space and has come up with various racking solutions which are affordable and unique. A drive-in racking system is one of those methods to ensure more storage in less space. Therefore, it is essential to recognise which racking system suits your requirements the best.

Minimising the need for aisle space to just one and maximising the utility of ground surface area, this drive-in rack manufacturer’s marvel is a main-stay for warehouses and large distribution centres. It also utilises to maximise the vertical surface area while conserving the ground surface area.

The drive-in racking system is equipped to store heavy loads in minimum space, and it is an ideal system for storing homogenous goods. Moreover, the galvanised rails provided by us offer superior torsion resistance and resist abrasion efficiently. At least the first-out (LIFO) protocol needs to be in place as the stacked goods last need to go out first. This requires the forklift operators, ridged adherence to the LIFO protocol.

Forklift operators drive into a lane and deposit goods in the appropriate positions, depending on how many palettes need stacking and racking, the number of items of the same genre and how long they need to be stored. Each item is loaded from down upwards and from aft to fore, and the unloading is a reversal, where items are unloaded from the top, downwards, and from forefront to aft. The drive-in racking system enables the perfect solution for the rotation of goods with the LIFO protocol.

A drive-in racking system is a widely used racking system preferred by manufacturing industries due to its cost-efficiency. The loads are supported by the rails, which offer extra safety and help in better operations. In addition, lift trucks can quickly enter the space, which helps in better handling of products.

All our products go through a pre-determined testing procedure which helps in giving you the best quality possible. Moreover, we are a leading Drive-in racking system having branches all over India to provide you with easy and fast service.

Our drive-in racks are a perfect blend of intelligence, technology, and aesthetics to provide India with the best solution.


The endearing storage savvy feature of the drive-in racking system is in eliminating the need multiple aisle space, and enhancing volume of goods to be stored. Our drive-in racking systems are reputed for its versatility in the nature of material it can accommodate. Variation of any storage material and dimensions are factors we prioritize in our design and manufacturing process.



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