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Drive In racks
Large Product Range For Diverse Requirements

Minimizing the need for aisle space to just one, and maximizing the utility of ground surface area, this drive-in rack manufacturer's marvel is a main-stay for warehouses and large distribution centres. It also utilizes to maximum the vertical surface area, while conserving on ground surface area.

A Atleast in first out (LIFO) protocol needs to be in place as the goods that are stacked last, need to go out first. This requires the forklift operators, ridged adherence to the LIFO protocol. Forklift operators drive into a lane and deposit goods in the appropriate positions, which depend on how many palettes need stacking and racking, the number of items of the same genre and how long they need to be stored. Each item is loaded from down upwards and from aft to fore and the unloading is a reversal, where items are unloaded from top, downwards and from fore to aft. The drive-in racking system enables the perfect solution for rotation of goods with the LIFO protocol. Forklift operators, without exaggeration need to be highly skilled to drive in and load or unload goods with damaging self, goods or racks. As a matter of fact crash guards can be installed to shield rack frames from accidental collision damage.

KEY benefits

  • Provides low-cost bulk storage, while ensuring stock rotation
  • Reduction of the manual labour
  • A “last in first out” (LIFO) protocol needs to be in place as the goods that are stacked last, need to go out first, ensures rotation of goods
  • High resistance to wear and tear
  • Eliminates the need for aisles between every rack
  • Ideal for high density storage

How Should you choose Right
Drive In racks?


The endearing storage savvy feature of the drive-in racking system is in eliminating the need multiple aisle space, and enhancing volume of goods to be stored. Our drive-in racking systems are reputed for its versatility in the nature of material it can accommodate. Variation of any storage material and dimensions are factors we prioritize in our design and manufacturing process.