Food Industry




Tailored solution for
Food storage Requirements

A range of rack options from heavy duty pallet racks to FIFO racks are available, and used in smart storage of food and beverage.You have the option to choose from a range of racks depending on sizes, dimensions and payload of product to be stored.

  • You will use up to 60% less floor space, than you would with conventional racking
  • Simplicity of design and manufacture provides for altering dimensions of rack
  • Enables greater traceability of the multiple food and drink batches
  • Width and depth are changeable depending on your storage needs
  • An anti-rust finish, ensures durability even at low temperatures
  • Enhances storage capacity within your store , freeing-up more open area

The heavy duty pallet racks are designed for smart storage of goods of all sizes and weight ranging from medium to heavy. It can store a wide variety of items and provide direct access to all stored items. It is a safe and adaptable storage system which is easy to adjust as per the changing business requirements.

How should you choose right
racking System?