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husky industrial shelving manufacturers

Are you looking for affordable husky industrial shelving manufacturers for your warehouse?

The metal storage system is happy to provide consumers with a top-notch husky industrial shelving system. The availability of standard and adaptable modular shelving components makes it simple to personalise your shelving system. To meet your systematic material storage demands based on the retrieving requirements for both the manufacturing and warehousing sectors, these modular kits can be constructed in various ways depending on the height, vertical shelf spacing, and depth.

Ground-level access, mezzanine level access, and equipment accessibility, such as fixed path and free path lifting equipment; all significantly influence the choice of shelving system.

With numerous benefits, Metal storage is the leading husky industrial shelving manufacturer. Here are some advantages it provides to storage facilities:

The components were obtained directly from reputable production facilities and are made of premium quality steel that complies with ISI criteria. Manual powder coat application increases the product’s durability by ensuring an equal spread. Although 1 metre is the standard width for shelving, large-span shelving is also an option if necessary. This makes metal storage the top-class husky industry shelving manufacturer. There are many varieties of shelves available, including;



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