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Unique to the industry, is the overriding need for the safety and protection of textiles/fabric from dust, rodents, insects, and hazards of other elements, ease of accessibility and retrieval, and durability. Some areas our design and development team work with to ensure high performance and reliability of our racks

  • To ensure multitudinous variety and types of textile/fabric/garment are easily accessible, speedily
  • To ensure the protection of the textile/fabric/garment from rodents, insects, reptiles and mites
  • To ensure the stacking and racking of varying lengths of fabric

The garment industry deals with dress materials of different lengths. The garment warehouses have space constraints and an improper storage plan. Therefore, It is important to store them safely to satisfy the international standards. It demands an effective solution to store the goods securely and protect them from dust and other contamination.

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