FIFO racks
Large Product Range For Diverse Storage Applications

First in first out (FIFO) racks are most popular for their easy stowage and retrieving benefit, the benefit of rolling out the oldest product first with ease. As consistent FIFO rack manufacturers and innovators, we are on the cutting edge, with technological and business requirements. Products stamped with a “best before” date or an “expiry date”, usually food and beverage, pharma and pharma accessories, cosmetics, human milk supplement, nutritional supplements and many more stand to benefit from the FIFO rack convenience.

Given industry demand pan India, for our FIFO racks we are present with our FIFO racks in Telangana, Coimbatore, Pune, Chennai, and Bangalore. FIFO racks are ideal also food distribution centres, for high volume freezer facilities. Flow storage technology utilized by FIFO rack manufacturers will double or even triple capacity, volume and handling in a warehouse facility. With the potential of tripling your handling capacity, you are in turn looking at tripling your net gain, rapidly. FIFO racks need the single specific end loading and a single specific end unloading. Which simplifies to, if goods are loaded from the rear they must always follow that protocol and unloaded from the front. Going by that protocol there is no waste of products that have outlived their shelf life, in a storage facility.

KEY benefits

  • Flow storage technology has the bins loaded at one end and unloaded at the other end
  • Wheeled railings for the bins to “flow”
  • As one bin exits the next one rolls forward
  • Casters support the modular design
  • Chuter rollers are either plastic or metallic
  • Handling capacity in volume doubled or sometimes tripled

How Should you choose Right
FIFO racks?

Diverse Solutions With Fifo Racks

First in first out, (FIFO) racks resulted from being a big cost-saver, on account of its versatility in function, and adaptability to progressive lines of business. FIFO racks are particularly popular with large distribution centres and warehouses. Designed and manufactured for the easy handling of goods with flow storage technology. Its durability is a result of the raw materials used, which are sourced from the very best in the market and the diligence to the design and manufacturing processes.