Benefits of Pallet Racking System

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The industries are continuously growing, and storage needs are also increasing. For efficient working of the company, it is mandatory to have a sound storage system for swift production and handling. Increasing storage space can be time-consuming and costly for any company, but expanding your floor space for extra storage with a pallet racking system is not essential. For an ideal storage system, it is also necessary to choose the correct manufacturer; MetSto is a Storage racks Manufacturers in Bangalore making top-notch pallet racking systems for various industrial requirements. Many benefits are associated with the pallet racking system, making it an ideal choice.

  • etter use of limited storage: pallet racking system utilises vertical spacing rather than expanding the floor space. You can stack up pallets up to the required height to increase the storage space. A drive in racking system is an excellent option for utilising most of your area. The forklift trucks can drive into the racks, which make it easier to handle the goods. It also increases your storage density by 75%.
  • The pallet racking system uses a heavy-duty and robust framework that protects the stored goods, making them an efficient storage option for everyone.
  • You can always customise your pallets according to your requirements for better storage.
  • Using pallet racking will make your storage handling easier. You can efficiently use your warehouse space which will increase your speed of order fulfilment. With pallet racking, you can efficiently store and move your merchandise. Merchandise is carried into the warehouse, it is stored and moved out when required, and the whole process is seamless with the help of the racking system. Pallet racking minimises downtime, time wastage in searching any product.
  • It is a significant possibility that after the installation of the racking system, your business can grow. With a pallet racking system, you do not need to expand your floor area; the racking systems are versatile and can be extended anytime according to your requirement.
  • The racking system also helps increase employee efficiency as they do not have to waste their time finding any of the products.
  • It is also essential to select the suitable material for the pallets; Steel racks are one of the most popular options. Many Steel Rack Manufacturers provide frames that are highly durable and corrosion-resistant.

There are many types of pallet racking systems available for different industrial requirements, and you can always choose which one will suit you the best. Other racking systems available are:

  • Push back racks:The push back racking system works upon the first in and first out method (FILO), which means you will add the loads from one side until it goes back. The push back racks can accommodate 2-6 pallets and are hence called high-density racking systems. Push back racks are versatile, and they can store different products for easy storage.
  • Cantilever racks:the industries with heavy-duty requirements prefer cantilever racking systems. This racking system is ideal for enterprises that use timber and long steel rods like shipbuilding, aeronautical and construction. The racks are generally steel with supporting feet, vertical frame, and sturdy supporting arms to easily hold the products. As the products stored are long, there is always a needed extra space around the racks for loading and unloading.
  • Carton flows storage racks:In this racking system, one employee loads the inventory at one place, and another unloads the stock at another location. This racking system is a safe and efficient way of transporting your goods from one place to another. As the employees walk around the warehouse, there are chances they might get hurt after coming in contact with the forklift truck or any employee loading or unloading the inventory. This system is ideal for a warehouse wherein there is a pre-set pattern of merchandise, and also it prevents time wastage that goes into moving one item from one place to another.
  • Over dock door racks:a dock door is a busy area and one of the most neglected areas for any business space. The location can offer excellent storage for goods which you don’t use often. It can be floor and ceiling mounted as well. In both cases, you have to add wall-mounted support to give them extra security.
  • Static or Mobile racks: Mobile racks help load and unload inventory at any point of the warehouse. Storage racks provide maximum flexibility with security. They come with locking brakes for delivering safety to the shelves. If you are still confused and unable to decide, you can always take the expert’s help. For example, Metal Storage is a pallet rack manufacturer producing high-quality pallet racks in Bangalore for its customers.


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