Picking Shelving Racks

Picking And Shelving Racks
Large Product Range For Diverse Requirements

Shelving racks are beneficial due to quick assembly, good stability, aesthetic eye appeal with a relatively low cost. In addition, they are fully adjustable, durable and designed to bear medium to heavy payloads. 

We are shelving rack manufacturer designing and developing most indigenous racks to cater to different verticals and infrastructure needs. As a result, the shelving racks are versatile and can withstand wear and tear over an extended period. 

The racks can cater to complex needs and be easily and speedily assembled with the simplistic design, allowing them to convert into a multi-tier racking system. As shelving rack manufacturers, our top priority is to satisfy our consumer’s requirements and enhance infrastructure solutions. 

Shelving racks comprise screw-connected assembly stands and shelf beams wherein the metal, or wooden parts can be installed. The modular kits we produce can be assembled in various ways as per height, vertical shelf-spacing and depth, making them a versatile choice for almost all industries.

In addition, our racks have many benefits which make them an ideal choice for many manufacturers and also a primary choice for affordable racking:

  • The installation process is easy and quick. 
  • The racking system keeps in mind future needs; You can expand the racks any time with the increasing storage requirement. 
  • It helps you in utilising the maximum area by using the vertical space of the warehouse.
  • The racks can be customised as per your unique storage and economic needs. 
  • Individual expansion of shelves is possible in this racking system.

The components used in the racking system are made with high-quality raw materials, adhered to ISI standards and powder-coated to ensure the best quality possible. The shelving racks are utilised in various areas like:

  • Storing bulky items
  • Business document storage
  • Cold storage 
  • Food storage or industrial kitchen 
  • Retail shelving
  • Industrial chemical 
  • Bins and parts storage
  • Hotel laundry rooms
  • Backroom organisation 

From large scale industries to small scale requirements, the shelving racks are used widely for different purposes.  Our products are made with high-quality raw materials to ensure safety and durability; we constantly try to evolve as a manufacturer and give the best quality to our consumers.

All our products go through a pre-determined testing procedure which helps in giving you the best quality possible. Moreover, we are a leading industrial shelving rack manufacturer having branches all over India to provide you with easy and fast service. 

Our shelving racks are a perfect blend of intelligence, technology, and aesthetics to provide India with the best solution.

KEY benefits

  • Aesthetic eye appeal, at an relatively low cost
  • Affords, the benefit of quick assembly, excellent stability
  • Eases the process of stowing and stacking as well as retrieval of materials
  • The shelving rack is customized based on the available space
  • Durable and are designed to bear medium to heavy payloads

How Should you choose Right
Picking Shelving racks?

Diverse Solutions For Picking And Shelving Racks

The aesthetic eye appeal is just the opener to the amazing qualities of our picking and shelving systems. Our picking and shelving storage racks are reputed for its versatility in the nature of material it can accommodate. Variation of any storage material and dimensions are factors we prioritize in our design and manufacturing process. We satiate your need with not just a picking and shelving rack, but a picking and shelving infrastructure, that is the solution.