Die Storage Racks

Die Storage Racks
Large Product Range For Diverse Industries

Moulds or dies are a vital manufacturing process that involves many industries and require storage solutions that meet the selectivity and accessibility anywhere in that production unit. These could be ultra-light to super heavy, cumbersome dies but require racking all the same, until needed for assembly or shipment. Our die storage racks are designed and manufactured to stow dies, motors, jigs, fixtures, and engine heads, to mention a few.

The racks incorporate a solid metal shelf design, allowing placement of dies of multiple sizes to be placed anywhere along the shelf. The shelves are designed to slid dies on and off shelves easily, this means easy stowage and accessibility. Given the varying sizes of die items, the heights of shelves can be reconfigured by 3” increments or decrements, along the entire vertical sections of the uprights, allowing for varying sizes (heights) of dies easy stowage and retrieval. Efficient die management demands efficient stowage and movement of dies within a plant, as they usually are at a pre-assembly stage of production. Inappropriate die stowage can only result in the waste of valuable resources in the endeavour of retrieving and handling them. We can even design a die stowage and retrieval system to meet the needs at you manufacturing plant.

KEY benefits

  • Perfect for die manufacturing and assembly plants
  • Can be custom designed and manufactured
  • Ensures safe handling of dies
  • Solid metal shelves to ensure stability of the system
  • Can accommodate a variety of die sizes due to the ease of recalibrating the height of shelve in 3” increments or decrements.
  • Ensure easy stowage and retrieval

How Should you choose Right
Die Storage Racks?

Diverse Solutions For Die Storage Racks

Our die storage racks are renowned for the versatility of the nature of material it can accommodate. Variation in size, shape weight, and all other dimensions are factors we prioritize in our design and manufacturing process. An awesome feature to enable stowage of varying die sizes is the flexibility to reconfigure the heights of shelves to 3” increments or decrements, depending on your plants specific needs at the time.