Multi-Tier Racking System

Multitier Racking System
Large Product Range For Diverse Requirements

Metal Storage is a leading multi-tier rack manufacturer helping businesses to grow by enhancing their productivity. You might be sceptical about choosing a multi-tier racking system because of its expense and might see it as a luxury. Still, a multi-tier racking system justifies itself as a necessity for today. It is highly used in storage and order picking of goods, bins, cartons, small parts or components and an endless array of items and applications. 

This racking system is a space conserver and helps you enhance your storage space multifold by utilising the present vertical space. This system works by incorporating ramps, flooring or staircase. 

You can use the space saved by the multi-level racking system for various purposes. The racks serve a stylish and aesthetic look that will enhance your warehouse looks. We have a dedicated design and engineering team for giving you a best quality multi-tier rack in bangalore. 

Along with their stylish quotient and durability, the racks are easily assembled and dissembled, making them an ideal choice for many manufacturers. They provide excellent dimension accuracy, impact and corrosion resistance and are powder coated. There are many advantages of multi-tier racking systems that make them distinct from other racking systems and provide extra features and benefits:

  • Maximise your space: often, you outgrow your warehouse capacity; it is then necessary to add a racking system to increase your storage capacity without changing your warehouse or expanding floor space. Make use of the available space by utilising the maximum vertical space.
  • Increase flexibility: you can easily customise the racking system that is appropriate for your industrial needs. Multi-tier racking systems are configured according to the different requirements of a company.
  • Increase warehouse safety: there is always a risk of objects toppling down from above, especially with incredibly inefficient storage. A multi-tier racking system helps in managing the space with security. With the increased number of shelves, it will become easy to access the SKUs. It is a valuable tool to minimise the number of accidents in your warehouse.

With our quality product delivery and excellent client response, we have become one of the leading multi storage rack suppliers. We help business to ease their racking system and help to enhance their storage for better productivity. 
All our products go through a pre-determined testing procedure which helps in giving you the best quality possible. Moreover, we have branches all over India to provide you with easy and fast service.
Our racks come in different sizes, shapes, and colours with a perfect blend of intelligence, technology, and aesthetics to provide India with the best solution.

KEY benefits

  • Does not require any drilling or welding and therefore easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Resistant to corrosion and withstands high impact.
  • Maximally utilizes vertical surface area
  • Intelligent design ideas enable the retrieval of stored material from any side of the rack.
  • Increases storage capacity volume in the vertical plane
  • Economizes on ground surface area

How Should you choose Right
MULTI-TIER Racking System?

Versatile solutions with multitier racking systems

Our motorized mobile storage racks are reputed for its versatility in the nature of material it can accommodate. Variation of any storage material and dimensions are factors we prioritize in our design and manufacturing process.