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heavy duty pallet racking system


Metsto built with a strong infrastructure constituting a huge area of 120000 sqft and successfully run by eminent leaders and powerful workers, has been able to deliver efficently over 2000 projects with a monthly production capacity of more than 1500 tonnes using Cutting Edge technology and futuristic equipment.

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Heavy Equipment


Tailored solution for
Heavy Equipment Industry storage Requirements

Every warehouse, racking requirement comes with a brilliant solution. It offers maximum vertical surface area utilization while conserving on ground surface area. The product profile is usually the result of the rack solution.

  • Efficient warehouse management begins with an effective racking system
  • These racks can be easily adjusted and dimensions altered to suite different storage need
  • The solid structure, ensues stability and security of goods and handlers
  • Years of reliable service because of the durability of materials used
  • Easily and speedily assembled and disassembled

The heavy equipment manufacturers had to store various products of different sizes, shapes, and weights. They required a brilliant solution which could optimize space as well as cater different product effectually. They were looking for a cost-effective and reliable solution which would eventually improve their productivity.

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