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Mobile Pallet Racking System


Mobile racking system has become an intricate part of many businesses, and help industries increase their productivity and expand storage in a limited space. Metal Storage Pvt. Ltd. is a leading rack manufacturer, helping businesses grow and enhance their work potential.

Standard roller tracks, fashioned in skate wheel mechanics basics, and conveyor style rollers are incorporated to ease and simplify the handling, storage, stacking and racking process with the mobile palette racking system. Identifying the appropriate racking is the first step in enhancing the operational efficiency of your stacking, racking, storage, and transportation process.

This process works simply by using gravity to its advantage, placing a carton or goods at the high end of the rack; they slowly roll towards the other end safe and without expending physical, mechanical or electrical energy. This also incorporates the FIFO concept of the package first going in and going out. Capitalising on the force of gravity, the mobile pallet racking system is a labour-saving device, actually “transporting” goods from point A (the elevated end) to point B, the lower end of the rack, in minimal time. Our highly skilled team of designers and engineers, based upon an extensive study of your storage facility and understanding the nature of the material for storage and transport, will recommend the type and model specific to your business.

The simple combination of nature’s force and the most basic of mechanical devices contribute to a remarkable increase in operational efficiency.

Mobile racking system benefits you massively by making your storage and operation processes easy; you can gather more storage space from aisles, save the area up to 90% on the aisles, better utilisation of the room and can be easily mechanised.

Safety is our priority, and we ensure we provide you with the safest racking system guaranteed by a photoelectric beam system mounted on each mobile rack, complying with European safety measures. This system is ideal for places where storage is expensive, like cold stores. In addition, you can add the deposit and pick stations on the ends of your racking system to increase the efficiency and flow of the system.

All our products go through a pre-determined testing procedure which helps in giving you the best quality possible. Moreover, we are a leading mobile pallet racking system having branches all over India to provide you with easy and fast service.

Our mobile racks are a perfect blend of intelligence, technology, and aesthetics to provide India with the best solution.


he endearing feature of the mobile palette rack is in reducing your reliance on huge manpower or manual labour, and at the same time enhances volume of goods to racked, stacked, stored, handled, or transported. Our mobile palette racks are reputed for its versatility in the nature of material it can accommodate. Variation of any storage material and dimensions are factors we prioritize in our design and manufacturing process.



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