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Pallet Rack In Hyderabad

The need for a pallet rack in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, is a historically stunning city. We know the area as “Pearl City”, well-known for its sparkling pearls and glass-encrusted bracelets. With a notable expansion in the automobile and auto parts industries, poultry farming, the textile and apparel sector, and bulk medications and pharmaceuticals, Hyderabad is unquestionably one of India’s most significant economic centers. However, Hyderabad is also quickly becoming a critical IT metropolis in India, surpassing even these. Due to its robust economic growth, Hyderabad is the state of Telangana’s economic and financial capital and the state’s most significant contributor to both the GDP and state tax and excise revenues. Hyderabad has had considerable expansion over the past ten years, and it is anticipated that this growth will continue.

The city’s growth has led to pricy living and demand for storage solutions for all the warehouse owners, distribution centers, and organizations. A pallet rack in Hyderabad is one of the best solutions for being cost-effective and space consumption. 


A single or multi-level storage system called pallet racking is used to handle the high stacking of single goods or palletized loads. Any distribution, storage, or material handling activity must include pallet rack systems. Pallet racks make it easy to reach commodities that are stored. Pallet rack solutions make the most of space while streamlining inventory needs. To give the loads being stored a wider surface area, pallet supports, wood, composite material, sheet metal, or wire decking are typically installed on or between the load beams.

Since we frequently needed them to load and unload loaded pallets from the racking system, forklift trucks are typically essential to any pallet rack system. However, according to recent innovations, pallet racks may now be loaded and unloaded using computer-controlled cranes or shuttle systems.

Types of Pallet rack

Push Back racking-

The push-back pallet racking system works with counterbalance, narrow-aisle, and swing reach lift forklifts, among other popular forklift models. Furthermore, because lift trucks never penetrate the racking system, damage to the structure is limited. Pallet Racks come with various attachments, including excellent protection, back cladding, support beams, and crash prevention.

Drive-in racking-
To store and retrieve pallets, material handling equipment drives into the aisle. Pallets are often loaded and unloaded from the same side in drive-in racking, following the LIFO (Last In, First Out) concept. FIFO, the structure also supported the (First In, First Out) concept when pallets are loaded on one side and discharged from the other. Drive-in Racks allow you to store several similar SKUs in a condensed space. Racking is the best type of storage for homogenous items with lots of pallets of the same SKU.



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