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Warehouse Racking In Chennai


Chennai has historically served as the country’s primary economic center. However, SEZ growth within and surrounding the city has boosted economic activity.

These SEZs engage in international trade and provide job opportunities to a sizeable populace. Due to a growth in the export of IT and BPO services, Chennai is now the second-largest trafficker in the nation.

Chennai has provided a reliable supply of commercial/passenger vehicles and automotive components with a yearly expansion in production categories. Directly influence the country’s and the city’s phenomenal economic growth. We regard Chennai as India’s most successful manufacturing hub and a leading center for auto exports. Due to the city’s economic growth and the rising cost of living, exporters, distribution centers, and warehouses must find a cost-effective way to store their goods. The ideal choice is warehouse racking in Chennai since it maximizes space and is cost-effective.

The stock kept will determine which form of warehouse racking is ideal for your circumstance. Ultimately, having the proper warehouse racking system that integrates with your inventory may significantly improve efficiency and your bottom line.

Although there are several methods to arrange warehouse racking, the following are some of the more common styles-

Possibly the most popular and versatile pallet racking system for storing items that are kept on pallets. When there are only a few pallets per SKU, selective racking, which provides direct aisle access to each pallet, is the best option. Compared to other pallet racking styles, this kind often demands a lower initial expenditure.
We stored Double Deep Pallet racking with the same SKU behind one another in racks to maximize capacity. However, counterbalanced forklift trucks with a long reach option are required to load and unload the back pallet in this storage. Therefore, wider aisles could be necessary, which would lower storage density.

A warehouse racking method called Dynamic Push Back Pallet Racking was created to maximize warehouse capacity and make loading and unloading as simple as workable. Pallets of the same SKU are stacked one on top of the other, and as a front pallet is filled, the one behind it is pushed to the back. Likewise, the back pallet moves to the front as the front pallet is emptied.

Pallets are loaded onto gravity roll tracks and transported using gravity and the racking’s angle from the entry point to the discharge point. Ideal where stock cycles quite fast and best for FIFO stock rotation.  
Long arms that project from a structure secured to the floor by bolts make up this racking style. Cantilever racking works best for long materials that lie over many components, such as carpets, pipes, and wood. We can fix it against a wall and double-sided racking, which allows access from both sides, are options for cantilever racking.

Drive-In Racking stores pallets on a cantilevered structure in blocks, and forklift trucks drive into the block to load and unload pallets, in contrast to the systems previously mentioned, which use racking structures split by aisles.

Drive-in racking is an incredibly effective technique of warehouse storage that increases storage and hence lowers continuing expenditures. Rotation of the FILO stock is needed.

The metal storage system is the best solution for warehouse racking in Chennai. We manufacture racks to make storage easy and comfortable.



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