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The TOWER Storage Lift is the ideal automated storage solution for heavy or awkward shaped products. The TOWER is based on 2 columns of heavy duty pallet racking and internal elevator. The elevator travels vertically between the two storage volumes. The TOWER can be controlled simply from onboard keypad or via a range of in house integrated stock management software solutions.

Modular and Compact: The TOWER’s structure is based on standard heavy duty racking, and hence is highly configurable. The TOWER offers an excellent ratio of Storage volume to Total volume making the best use of available space. Power and Speed: Elevation by rack and pinion combined with double motors lead to short cycle times, even in the case of heavy payloads. Rack and pinion elevation means: Seldom need for adjustment, No risk of lengthening or breaks as with chain, Proper positioning of the carriage immediately without corrections, Mechanical stability even in the case of sudden (emergency) stops at high speeds. Double Motors: The TOWER is equipped with a double motorisation to efficiently extract and elevate the trays In this way you benefit from reduced cycle times even with heavy loads or large trays. (width up to 4.3 m).



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