Storage Carousel

Storage Carousel
Variables For Diverse Applications

The Storage Carousel is made up of a series of shelves or “carriers” which rotate in front of a picking station. By employing otherwise inaccessible and unused high space, the required floor surface for storage can be substantially reduced. Items are retrieved by keying in the name, number or bar-code identification via a microcomputer, or in manual mode by keying in a level number on the built-in keyboard.

Single or double motors drive the carousel according to loading requirements. Consequently the Storage Carousel can handle a 100% imbalance between front and back shelves. Storage Carousel motors are controlled by a speed controller which enables the levels to rotate progressively and smoothly. Automatic position control by incremental encoder makes it possible to align the shelves precisely with the work station and to obtain the minimum height between two levels.

KEY benefits

  • Maximize storage capacity
  • Minimize floor footprint
  • Accelerate access to items
  • Manage locations
  • Anti-error systems
  • Heavy products
  • Ventilation, temperature
  • Protect and rationalize items
  • Improve logistics & performance
  • Interfacing with the logistic environment

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