Rack Dealers

Rack Dealers

Metal Storage is a leading rack manufacturer in India, making high-quality and durable products for its customers. We are a renowned name in the rack and storage industry due to our excellent services and product quality. We manufacture a range of racks like heavy-duty racks, cantilever racks, multi-tier racks and many others. We have frames for every industry-unique requirement; you can utilise our racks in various industries like Construction and manufacturing, shops, enterprises, warehouses, food and beverages, the fashion industry and many others. Racks have become an integral part of any storage system and to cater to various needs and to be the leading rack dealer in Pune, Coimbatore and many others, we have assembled an array of racks, some of them are:

Heavy-duty pallet racks:
We are a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty racks; when it comes to robust and durable structures, we are one of the most renowned names. With our tracking system, you can surely increase your storage space and minimise all the warehouse clutter. The key benefits of our heavy-duty pallet racks are:

  • Solid structure
  • Durable
  • Can be assembled easily
  • Up to 30t frame loading capacity.
  • Up to 4.5 t transverse loading capacity.
  • Available in single and multi-design
  • Narrow aisle storage.

Multi-tier racking system:
Our multi-tier racking system is a floor space conveyor, which helps minimise the floor space and utilise the maximum vertical storage through stairways and ramps. The racks are aesthetically designed to enhance your warehouse settings. The key benefits of these racks are:

  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Weather resistant and corrosion-proof
  • Maximum utilisation of vertical spacing
  • Intelligent retrieval of goods

Mezzanine floor:
We are a premium rack dealer in Delhi, also making mezzanine floor, an extraordinarily unique and intelligent method to upgrade your warehouse space. The mezzanine floors can be utilised as a separate space built between the roof and floor, adding an aesthetic touch. The key benefits of our mezzanine floors are:

  • Easy storage
  • Maximum utilisation of vertical spacing
  • Cost-effective and safe
  • Helps in managing the warehouse

Mobile storage racks:
we are a leading rack dealer in Cochin providing the best storage solutions to our customers. A mobile racking system is an ideal choice if you want to enhance your storage space with limited space available. The key benefits of our mobile racking system are:

  • Rigid quality control
  • Have wheels for easy movement
  • Most helpful in the airline industry
  • Compact and ideal for small spaces.

We make every product with great precision and achieve all the required global standards for quality. Our products are designed intelligently by a team of experts to cater to different industrial requirements. Customer satisfaction has been our ultimate goal in whatever product we manufacture. We adopt all the necessary procedures and safety measures to deliver you the best. Our racks are made with high-quality raw materials, giving a durable and safe structure. A perfect choice for your warehouse with maximum storage and aesthetic appeal.



The pallet racks are designed to store heavy-duty products such as tyres, automobiles parts, etc. The experts comprehend on the various requisites and plan an appropriate design which can store products with ease. We manufacture products based on quality guidelines and ensure to achieve spotless results.