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Telangana was formally established as a territorial and political entity on June 2, 2014, making it one of India’s newest and youngest states. However, Telangana has increased despite being the most youthful state in the union. Despite the global and national economic slump, Telangana has shown swift and sustained economic growth. We may credit the increase to the government of Telangana’s aggressive industrial activities and attitude toward acting as a catalyst and facilitator for industrialists.

They primarily focused the economy on manufacturing vehicles, textiles, information technology, agriculture, biotechnology, and auto parts. Since it is cost-effective, all firms, warehouses, and distribution facilities must conserve space. Pallet racking is one of the best options that can be used in warehouses and storage spaces.

To create a shelf unit for storing supplies and equipment, pallet racks are upright structures built of steel frames with connections and beams bolted, welded, or clipped together. Pallet racks are widely used because of their adaptability and capacity to be molded and changed to suit the requirements of any warehousing strategy. Depending on the kinds of items being housed and the size of the building, there are several styles, designs, and capacities for pallet racking. How the horizontal beams join the vertical uprights identifies a pallet racking system. There are several connection types, and the manufacturer mainly determines them.


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