Get a Pallet rack in Coimbatore from a Metal storage system.

Pallet Rack In Coimbatore


The information technology, engineering, automobile, and textiles sectors significantly impact Coimbatore’s Prudence. Coimbatore’s significant textile industry, supported by the nearby cotton fields, has earned it the nickname “Manchester of South India.” On the list of Indian cities with the most competitive business environments, Coimbatore came in at number 14.

Storage space is essential when economic growth is increasing demand for warehouses, distribution centers, and organizations. Implementing a pallet racking system is the only workable method for long-term industrial storage. Pallet rack in Coimbatore from Metal storage gives the best quality product for your usage.

Pallet racks are a material handling and storage system that uses skids or pallets to hold items. The commodities are lifted and kept on their designated shelves using forklift trucks. 

Types of Pallet racks

Selective pallet rack– A warehouse with fixed and changing storage demands is best served by the adaptable and flexible industrial racking system known as selective pallet racking. The pallets rest on our horizontal load beams, which are secured in place by connections. Adjusting these beam levels may readily accommodate several varied load and pallet sizes. 

Pallet flow racks
Due to their capacity to handle larger pallet loads in the same space, Pallet Flow Rack systems are high-density Industrial Racking systems. Our Dynamic Flow Rack combines dynamic elements like wheels, rollers, conveyors, and brakes with elevated rails within a rack-supported structure. Therefore, pallets are placed onto the raised end of the flow system, where they travel towards the other end, exploiting gravity’s forces to make pallet unloading easier. In addition, our technology permits the uninterrupted storage of several pallet loads by requiring just one lane for loading and another for unloading.

Double deep racks



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