The best mobile racking system in Sri City

Mobile Storage Racks in Sri city

Are you looking for the best mobile storage racks in Sri City?

Sri City is a special economic zone and integrated commercial city (township) in the Tirupati district of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It was established in 2008 and has grown to be one of the most sought-after business locations in the nation, with close to $4 billion in investments and more than $500 million in exports to date. Sri City is a portion of the Tirupati district’s Satyavedu and Varadaiahpalem mandals. It is situated along Andhra Pradesh, India’s NH16. Sri City boasts of smooth air, marine, and land transportation connections. The growth of the city has led into lackage of storage place because every warehouse, distribution center or suppliers are looking for extra places to store their products and goods.

The Metal storage system has come up with the best solution that is mobile storage racks in Sri City. Mobile storage racks mounted to carriages on wheels slide across a floor track to eliminate fixed aisles that waste space, giving you more filing capacity within the same footprint.

Mobile storage racks offer a space-saving storage solution to utilise workplace space better and get twice as much storage of documents and files in an existing area. Opening and shutting the compatible racks are simple, with controls that allow aisle mobility. To increase efficiency, use a push-button or turn the handle to remove unused space and store more in a footprint half the size.

How mobile storage rack work

To give you more room to store additional paperwork, mobile storage racks include rows that slide along floor rails until they are compressed into a smaller size footprint. When not in use, close the rows by pressing them together while leaving a few aisles open. It helps maintain user accessibility without jeopardising the confidentiality of stored material. Use the ergonomic handles or push-button controls to navigate up to six aisles at once if you need quick aisle access. When you’re busy, it takes minimal physical effort and helps you save time.

You won’t waste important floor space by having fewer lanes to maintain, and you can utilise the entire footprint to meet rising production demands. The simple controls on the carriage make it possible to shift it quickly to increase capacity or reduce space by half. Mobile storage racks in Sri City can aggregate things in one handy area and help prevent the waste of usable storage. Employee irritation during retrieval has been eliminated thanks to improved organisation and accessibility.

Advantages of mobile storage racks



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