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Mobile rack Cargo


The mobile racking is a solution that redouble your storage capacity using the same footprint of a static solution. CARGO is the ideal solution for storage bulky and/or heavy materials. Designed for industry and for those activities that need to store products in the easiest, inexpensive and simple way.

Why Mobile Racking? Each system can be customized according to the dimensions of the loading units (tyres, boxes, containers, bars, rolls and whatever you need to storage). CARGO increase your storage capacity up to 100% and can be tailored to the available spaces. All the collection of CARGO is Made in Italy and is designed with attention to details and customers needs.

SAFETY is not an optional and our systems are well equipped with all the safety devices that the customer need. SAFETY BARRIERS Safety barriers with protections ensure the perfect use for the personnel. When the system reveals an intrusion, automatically stop the movement of the bases. RAILS CARGO is a mobile racking mounted on steel framed trolleys which run on imbedded rails in the floor. CROSS BRACING The cross bracing positioned on the mobile base allows a greater stability of the structure. More stability means more storage capacity available in the same footprint.

The automatic movement system is simple and intuitive and allows to storage all the materials in total safety. Thanks to the displays positioned in front of the racking you can control each module. Simple and intuitive icons are used to shows emergencies, problems, the movement of the bases and also a special access for the user.


The endearing storage savvy feature of the drive-in racking system is in eliminating the need multiple aisle space, and enhancing volume of goods to be stored. Our drive-in racking systems are reputed for its versatility in the nature of material it can accommodate. Variation of any storage material and dimensions are factors we prioritize in our design and manufacturing process.



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