Miniload Silo

Miniload Silo
Variables For Diverse Applications

Miniload SILO, the fully automated warehouse that provides The maximum storage capacity for a minimal footprint, Quick access , Location management, Logistic performance, Security of the products

Optimal storage and traceability of your items The SILO has two front consulting bays and can be equipped with additional consulting bays (on the back of the sides). It can also be equipped with automated accumulation stations. Several configurations exist: Left and right workstations, Side workstations with conveyors, Accumulation stations (3 trays), Side workstations with accumulation, Central workstations on the left/right, back and on the sides, Trays automatically placed on the conveyor

Compact storage with full use of the available height Save floor space therefore reducing operating costs Up to 5m3 can be stored on each m3 Automated inputs/outputs Several thousand references are available at every workstation Reduces walking distance, and saves time, eliminates the errors, User and item security, ergonomics, Modularity and storage volume Easy to expand by adding spans Tailored solution depending upon the storage needs Fine tuned racking Volumes and packaging formats can be perfectly accomodated Multiple workstations 2 front workstations + back or lateral workstations 4 operators can work simultaneously

KEY benefits

  • Storage capacity
  • Picking optimization
  • Multi-station facilities
  • Logistics performance
  • Fine tuned racking
  • Multiple workstations
  • Modularity and storage volume
  • Automated inputs/outputs
  • Compact storage
  • Laser System
  • “No mistake” System
  • Ventilation & Temperature
  • The supply chain integration
  • Double floor access

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