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Mezzanine Floors in Delhi


The commercial hub of northern India is Delhi, the country’s capital. The seismic zone-IV for India now includes Delhi, making it susceptible to large earthquakes. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Delhi is the world’s most polluted city (2014). One of India’s most prosperous metro regions is Delhi. Telecommunications, finance, media, IT, hospitality, and tourism are present. Delhi’s manufacturing sector expanded significantly, and many businesses shop there. Delhi is the busiest and most vibrant city; thus, keeping and storing products and documentation is crucial and necessary. It is more important to save space in any workplace as most organizations and distribution centers require it because it is cost-effective.

With its top-notch goods and exceptional service, Metal Storage System is making a name for itself in Delhi, India’s capital and most important city. Our brand of mezzanine floors is well-known in the industry and is robust, reliable, and secure.

Mezzanine floors are established between a building’s primary levels and are named from the Italian term “Mezzano.” It may fit the most incredible mezzanine levels for both industrial and warehouse applications with a metal storage system from a renowned rack manufacturer in Delhi.

Our team at Metal storage system has created ingenious features that expand your floor area and make it multipurpose. These elements enhance the Mezzanine floor in Delhi’s visual appeal and increase safety. View the surprises we have in store for you.

There is no compromising on quality at Metal storage. Our Mezzanine floors are constructed entirely from the best materials available. You receive a product that offers value for your money in exchange. The Metal storage mezzanine floors are made of:

Depending upon different requirements, we manufacture many types of mezzanine floors that are ideal for various industries like:

Benefits of metal storage system mezzanine floors in Delhi

With storage flexibility, we provide you with the ability to increase your storage capacity.

Your residence or warehouse’s vacant space will be converted into extra storage.

Using the metal storage system, you can think of inventive ways to include enclosed, paneled office space into the mezzanine floor.

Mezzanine floors made of metal are modular storage systems. We build temporary or semi-permanent structures that provide full access to floor-level and platform-level areas without welding.

We consider your convenience while adding features, and we prepare for it. For example, our mezzanine designs include platforms and goods lift to aid in moving items from one level to another.

A metal storage system makes sure that installation goes smoothly and quickly. We do the task even before you realize it!



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