How to Ensure Quality and Durability with Industrial Rack Manufacturers 

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Industrial rack storage systems are an integral part of all warehouses and industries. Selecting the right racking system depends on the type of business and the company’s requirements. As not all warehouse storage systems are the same, it is important to look at the different options and find the warehouse racking that works best for your kind of business. 

Warehouse and industrial storage racks play an important role in material handling, space utilization, and transportation of goods. Heavy-duty industrial storage racks are the backbone of many warehousing operations. Selection of the best industrial rack manufacturers for your business is the most important role and the preference can differ in terms of goods that you are going to store and handle. 

Different industrial storage rack manufacturers are available in the market like pallet racks, flow racks, and pushback racks which are suitable for warehouse storage systems where goods can be stored both in vertical and horizontal patterns. 

Metsto manufactures the high-quality industrial racks according to the industrial standards. The durability of industrial racking systems is a major concern for all types of racking systems. A pallet racking system has always been a major concern over other types of racking systems. Pallet racking systems are most preferred in warehouse racking, where a huge number of cargos, goods, and materials are transported very often. Loading and unloading of the cargo are the major processes that ensure the safety and durability of industrial warehouse maintenance. 

Things to ensure with Industrial storage rack manufacturers: 

It is very much important to consider the type of material used in the construction of industrial racks. Usually, industrial storage rack manufacturers prefer strong metals like Stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium are used in these manufacturing of racks that are stronger and heavy-duty materials that can withstand any temperature conditions and loads. When the customer wishes for lightweight and less durable materials alternative sources like wood, fiber plastics, metal sheets, etc, for rack manufacturing can be taken into consideration. 

Heavy-duty industrial racks are designed to carry medium to heavy items that are stored. Heavy-duty pallet racks are designed with a focus on efficiency, durability, and support to maintain space-saving storage. These racking systems are adjustable and can accommodate additional storage areas. The durability of racks depends on the safety accessories that are used and installed in the racking system. The most common aspect to ensure durability and safety with industrial rack manufacturers are the accessories that are used while installation like safety bars, safety beams, safety netting, wire mesh deck, etc. 

Safety bars are added to the racks to prevent the fall of the rack and materials that are stored. These bars are connected from the front and back of cross beams. Safety beam clips are found in the pallet racking system that creates a safer connection between the frame that uses a safety drop pin as a universal safety precaution. Netting is made up of materials like nylon or plastic mesh-like materials and is placed in the back of the rack system to protect goods from falling. Most industrial storage rack manufacturers use wire decks with support channels that are welded on the bottom of the rack for increased load capacity. 

Quality of Industrial rack manufacturer: 

Client needs to ensure that the storage rack manufacturer does quality checking of materials used in the racking system, if it is a pallet racking system the storage rack manufacturer wants to ensure its safety through periodic inspection of components used, locate damages, and should identify any possibilities persists that can cause costly damage to the rack system and warehouse environment like collapse due to overloading, damages caused by fire, etc. 

Another mandate point to be taken under consideration by the client about the industrial storage rack manufacturer is the validation and certification from an external body on the quality standards of products manufactured in-house. This validation process brings in continuous quality improvement in the material that is manufactured, which adds to the reputation of the manufacturer and its products.  

This certification from external agencies serves as a measure of following a standard operating protocol in the selection of material production and installation of the right industrial rack system, that also fulfils the client with a clear objective and overall information about the rack material that they intend to purchase. 

Quality standards related to industrial storage rack manufacturers are broadly classified on basis of the product that is manufactured, and the operational flow of the company from the initial phase of production to the final phase of installation. 

Here are a few standards that need to be enquired about before the selection of the right industrial rack manufacturers are shown below. 

  • ISO 3438 – 2 Welding Certification – ensures adequate protocols are followed in the welding process. 
  • ISO 45001 certification – related to storage standards and safety management systems. 
  • ISO 14001 Certification – focuses on environmental protection. 
  • ISO 9001 Certification – to attain quality standards to meet customer satisfaction. 


Not all manufacturers are the same, each differs in its business model. As a client, you need to find the right industrial rack manufacturer for your business.  

Metsto stands among  the best industrial rack manufacturer  that supply industrial racks to various industries based on their requirements. The outcome of every product makes the manufacturer stand ahead and this can be achieved only through standard operating procedures and certifications. The above-mentioned points might be useful for a client to better understand and gain knowledge while choosing the best industrial storage rack manufacturer. 


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