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Cochin is the financial hub of Kerala. The city is home to all leading corporate offices and commercial centers and offers the most significant employment opportunities in the state. With a GDP growth rate of up to 8.3 percent, the city is now the fastest-growing two-tier city in India.

The leading industries in Cochin for business and employment opportunities are shipbuilding, chemical, information technology, manufacturing, import/export, construction, tourism, banking, legal, and health services. Cochin is one of India’s top 17 industrial cities, the World Bank believes.

Spacing becomes a problem for all businesspeople, warehouse owners, distribution hubs, and organizations as the city develops and grows. A heavy-duty rack in Cochin is one of the most outstanding and affordable solutions for saving money and space. In Cochin, Metal Storage offers high-quality, heavy-duty racks for various uses.

What are heavy-duty racks?

Medium and heavy-load objects can be stored effectively on heavy-duty shelves. When properly put together, heavy-duty shelving is secure, adaptable, and can be adjusted to meet your inventory and layout needs. Maximize the use of the vertical space in your warehouse; heavy-duty shelf systems frequently come with high load capacity metal racks that allow them to store big and bulky objects on top of one another.

The usage of vertical space is essential for designing a productive warehouse system.

You can stock more goods and conserve floor space by installing sturdy shelves for vertical storage. In addition, it aids in developing well-structured systems for picking and replenishing inventory in warehouses and storage facilities, facilitating forklift access to and from shelving racks.

Perks of having heavy-duty racks

Types of heavy-duty racks



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