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Heavy duty racks In Bangalore


Bangalore is the third most populous city and fifth most populated urban agglomeration in India, the largest city in South India, and the 27th largest city in the world, with a population of over 8 million and almost 11 million in the metropolitan area. Bangalore is India’s second-fastest-growing metropolitan city. According to recent assessments of its urban area’s metro economy, Bangalore is India’s fourth or fifth-most productive metro region. Many in addition, many academic and scientific institutes are located there.


Bangalore is the “Silicon Valley of India” because of its many IT businesses. Bangalore is home to several international firms, particularly the industry leaders in computer hardware and software. In addition, Bangalore was home to manufacturers making space for much development. Still, room and living costs grew, making it difficult for warehouse owners, distribution centers, and organizations to find a solution for the storage. 

Heavy duty racks in Bangalore from the Metal Storage system give the best solution for the storage issues. High-quality raw materials are used to create our racks. We frequently used these racks for storage in industrial warehouses and other businesses. Our high-strength heavy-duty racks are simple, straightforward, and require little maintenance. Of course, we may alter this to suit the needs of the client.

The most popular storage system on the market is the heavy-duty rack. It is almost universally required in industry and readily accommodates the great variety of items that must be kept. In addition, it is the most often used method of storing palletized items. 

Metal storage's heavy-duty racks

We may configure the heavy-duty racks in Bangalore system to precisely match your storage demands by utilizing our extensive selection of accessories and our design expertise.

Some benefits of heavy-duty racks include direct access to all stored pallets, handling of a single pallet without moving others, simple stock control, and load flexibility in weight and volume. We provide the upright frame and beam, which are the essential parts of a selected pallet rack, with particular consideration.

The assembly is quick and straightforward, with no nuts, bolts, or shelf clips. We can purchase heavy-duty racks as individual parts or as two-shelf sets with extra shelves. We need no bottom shelf for storage on two-unit shelves. There are also available add-on units.

The ideal method of storing different palletized cargoes.

  1. Finding needed loads quickly. Maximum load allowed on each shelf.
  2. Making the best possible use of the storage capacity. The height between layers is versatile and may be altered based on the size of the products.
  3. Easy stock control and direct access to any pallet.



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