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The engineering, automobile, textile, and information technology industries influenced Coimbatore’s Prudence. The cotton fields and Coimbatore’s sizeable textile industry have given the city the moniker “Manchester of South India”. Coimbatore ranked 14th on a list of Indian cities with the most competitive business environments.

Storage space is crucial when the need for warehouses, distribution centers, and organizations rises because of economic expansion. Therefore, implementing high-duty racks in Coimbatore is the only practical solution for long-term industrial storage. 

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The heavy-duty rack system is made for efficiently storing items with a medium to high weight. It is a secure and flexible storage solution that is simple to change to meet shifting business requirements. It may house a wide range of things on heavy-duty racks, offering direct access to every item. Products are manually stocked and collected from shelves under these methods, founded on the “person-to-product” idea. We work to offer the best storage solution for scalable enterprises using our knowledge. Metal storage systems are a one-stop shop for only storage solutions that increase efficiency in Coimbatore.

With our extensive selection of upright and beam profiles, Heavy Duty racks can flawlessly adapt to suit your requirements regardless of the items, the space, or the specifications. Heavy-duty racks are adaptable and use the warehouse’s height. Stacker cranes or forklift trucks that raise the order picker to the extreme can reach the system’s upper levels, as can gangways between shelves. Our heavy-duty storage racks are built to order and are highly safe, low maintenance, and strong.

Another benefit is that we may set them up in various ways to meet all warehousing requirements, including multi-level storage designs for better cubicle space usage. These sturdy shelf pieces fit into your current storage system with ease. The wide variety of attachments makes it the most individualized shelving unit on the market.

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Heavy-duty racks are also widely utilized in hybrid storage systems that combine shelving with pallet racking to maximize warehouse racking capacity and operational processes.

In hybrid storage systems, the palletized stock is kept on the upper levels while we hold manual picking stock on shelves on the lower levels. Depending on the company’s needs, we may put together heavy-duty rack systems from metal storage systems in various configurations and sizes.

We create storage solutions tailored to your specific needs using a variety of uprights, beam profiles, shelves, and accessories.

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