Customized Racks

Customized Racks
An Array Of Racks To Choose From Or Opt For A Customized Rack

The very name is self-explanatory, given the business requirement we will have our design and development team work on your conceptual design and bring it to fruition.

We, Lean manufacturers, in our endeavour to satiate every industrial rack need we also have to customize racks often based on extensive research and design for a rack that suits your specific need. Our uppermost priority is, was, and always will be delighting even surpassing customer expectations. Our customized solutions, aesthetic, eye catching designs cannot deceive you, with a name such as “customized rack”, it lives up to its name if not surpasses that name in performance. As metal storage rack manufacturers and experts in the field of entire infrastructure solutions, that at little or no maintenance cost, it is easy to handle and has the most amazing load bearing capacity.

As the lead designers of Customized Racks solutions, Metsto we simplify the process with our comprehensive, examination of the end application and an inspection of space available. That done, we project for you the nature of rack you need. Those specifications will be assessed by us, storage rack systems manufacturers on the nature of product that is to be stored, size/dimensions, weight, shape, accessibility based on material requirements, frequency of requirements, and an exhaustive check-list that would ensure fulfilling your warehouse storage need to absolute perfection. As premium storage rack manufacturers in Bangalore we give you the option of choosing from our standard designs or having us customize a complete infrastructure solution for your storage requirements. To stay accessible to clientele in areas of high density manufacturing we are also make available our storage racks in Chennai, Pune, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Cochin, and Telangana.

KEY benefits

  • Top on the list would be customizing the rack to suite your storage facility, and the conservation of space
  • Next would be the nature of the end application
  • Has the most amazing load bearing capacity
  • Comprehensive examination of the end application and an inspection of space available
  • An option is having us customize a complete infrastructure solution for your storage requirements

How Should you choose Right
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Diverse Solution for Customized Racks

Our customized storage rack solutions are unrivalled for its versatility in the nature of material it can accommodate. Variation of any storage material and dimensions are factors we prioritize in our design and manufacturing process. The endearing storage feature of the customised storage racking units is the end result is exactly what you had envisioned. Products oftentimes demand a stowage solution and that is just what we excel at, bringing to fruition and idea.