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Racking is intimidating, mainly if you are unfamiliar with it and are shopping around for the first time. You undoubtedly have many questions and worries about choosing the best industrial rack manufacturers in Chennai for your application.

When other alternatives are added, these choices and questions can compound and become more complex. Customers considering both new and used options frequently ask about combining goods from several manufacturers. The most popular type of racking features teardrop-shaped connection holes, and you may interchange most teardrop products from different manufacturers.


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Our Product

for varying storage requirements

The diversity of our product range is the result of varying storage requirements in terms of its end application.

The rack itself is designed and manufactured with the end application in mind. The vey structure will vary depending on factors such as, the payload, volume, accessibility , ground surface area, and vertical surface area available, to name a few

The pallet rack is the best option for storing in different usages. Pallet racking shelves are a robust and long-lasting storage option since it makes of heavy-duty materials like structural or roll-formed steel

Due to the city’s economic growth and the rising cost of living, exporters, distribution centers, and warehouses must find a cost-effective way to store their goods. The ideal choice is warehouse racking in Chennai since it maximizes space and is cost-effective.

A mobile racking system may be relocated or extended to hold existing modules in a fully modular design. These racks may be made to match your home’s decor, furnishings, and color scheme.

The expanding economic growth of the city has demanded a cost-effective option for storage: metal storage shelves in Chennai that can be used in various applications.

Mobile Storage racks and Movable storage racks in Chennai have a wide selection of undercarriage & superstructure profiles to accommodate varied load requirements, making them adaptable to all purposes.

We are a leading lean manufacturer in Bangalore, incorporating new ways of storage in different industries. Lean manufacturing is the complete utilisation of the raw materials or resources present in your particular industry.

Chennai needs warehouses, distribution centers, and organizations that make storage and spacing easy. As a result, warehouse Mezzanine floors in Chennai are in demand.

Chennai needs warehouses, distribution centers, and businesses that allow flexible spacing. Steel storage rack manufacturers are in demand because we use the products in various applications.

Choosing a mobile rack cabinet system tailored to your company’s requirements can increase productivity, reduce waste, and offer high-quality storage for tools, documents, and other materials in your workspace.

Mezzanine floors are those alternatives that help enhance the space without expanding the floor space; they are built between the ceiling and floor area and provide a second-third floor elevated space.

Metal Storage is a leading rack manufacturer in India, making high-quality and durable products for its customers. 

Heavy Duty Racks are primarily utilized in various industries to store raw materials, completed goods, and partially finished products—one of the most excellent methods for storing items and materials

Why choose

Metal storage solutions

Metal Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd has the State of the art infrastructure with automation and many sections are produced from the coil to avoid joint less verticals and horizontals and implements European technology in manufacturing.

Increased 30,000sq.ft in our own place equipped with European Machines for shearing and forming operation. With 50 employees, we expanded our hat across Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Storage Automation

Automatic storage and
retrieval systems

The TOWER Storage Lift is the ideal automated storage solution for heavy or awkward shaped products. The TOWER is based on 2 columns of heavy duty pallet racking and internal elevator. The elevator travels vertically between the two storage volumes.

The TOWER can be controlled simply from onboard keypad or via a range of in house integrated stock management software solutions.

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