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A storage place is required in every warehouse, industry, distribution center, and organization. The best industrial rack manufacturer in Bangalore is a Metal storage system. We offer racks of the best quality for various uses. It can efficiently store all the items stored using racks. Racking comprises individual frames and beams that come in multiple sizes and are fastened with locking pins. Pallet size or forklift type can guide how the pallet raking is structured to meet your demands. Due to our extensive inventory of industrial racking, racking can provide delivery on all our orders.


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Our Product

for varying storage requirements

The diversity of our product range is the result of varying storage requirements in terms of its end application.

The rack itself is designed and manufactured with the end application in mind. The vey structure will vary depending on factors such as, the payload, volume, accessibility , ground surface area, and vertical surface area available, to name a few

Mezzanine floors are a great way to expand the functional floor space a building has in various industrial and commercial work locations….

The Multi-Tier rack in Bangalore is one of the best options for making storage easy and convenient. For storage houses, multi-tier storage systems provide…

Motorized mobile rack systems first appear to be complex, but because of their versatile design and distinctive features, they are simple to set up and use…

When space is limited but moving or expanding your warehouse storage is not an option, installing a warehouse racking system in Bangalore from a Metal storage system…

Heavy duty racks in Bangalore from the Metal Storage system give the best solution for the storage issues. High-quality raw materials are used to create our racks… 

Pallet racks are widely used because of their adaptability and capacity to be molded and changed to suit the requirements of any warehousing strategy…

We are a leading lean manufacturer in Bangalore, incorporating new ways of storage in different industries. Lean manufacturing is the complete utilisation of the raw materials…

The metal storage system is one of the best storage rack manufacturers in Bangalore, giving high-quality solutions for storing things conveniently and safely.

Why choose

Metal storage solutions

Metal Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd has the State of the art infrastructure with automation and many sections are produced from the coil to avoid joint less verticals and horizontals and implements European technology in manufacturing.

Increased 30,000sq.ft in our own place equipped with European Machines for shearing and forming operation. With 50 employees, we expanded our hat across Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

Storage Automation

Automatic storage and
retrieval systems

The TOWER Storage Lift is the ideal automated storage solution for heavy or awkward shaped products. The TOWER is based on 2 columns of heavy duty pallet racking and internal elevator. The elevator travels vertically between the two storage volumes.

The TOWER can be controlled simply from onboard keypad or via a range of in house integrated stock management software solutions.

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