Tailored solution for
Automobile storage Requirements

The unrelenting, assembly ling activity in the automobile industry in the stacking, and handling of spares, accessories, and components of varying weights, sizes and shapes, dictates the type of racking system to ensure

  • Heavy duty handling and accessibility of stores providing stability and durability
  • Easy and speedy accessibility of spares, accessories, and components
  • Adaptability to varying size, shape and weight of spares, accessories, and components
  • Enhanced work productivity by optimal utility of available space
  • Creation of mezzanine or multi-tier racks with altering prevailing infrastructure

We manufacture various spare parts of the vehicle. Therefore, we have products of different size, weight, and length. It is essential to store the product in appropriate racks to ensure its safety and quality of the product. Apart from finished products, we need to store raw materials for manufacturing the spare parts. Therefore,an appropriate, cost-effective and efficient storage solution is required to store them without affecting the product design.

How should you choose right
racking System?