This system is designed for storage of Mobile pallet racking system

Being foremost metal storage manufacturers and dealers of India, we are popularly identified as Mobile pallet racking system
. Each manufacturing industry has specialty of its own. Similarly Metal Storage Pvt Ltd is the company with supreme skills in manufacturing heavy duty racks. We are renowned in entire India as well as in many other countries for the racks produced by our industry. Our distinct method of manufacturing cycle has made us to be expertise heavy duty rack manufacturers. We have greater exposure in the field of rack manufacturing this is the reason for our strong sustenance in the manufacturing field. Many industries use racks as their storage device it is because they are flexibility and reliable in nature.

With well established team of workers we fulfill the demand of customers by manufacturing appropriate standard variety of products. Their satisfactory response and feedback has helped us to reach out heights in this field. Considering the dimensional values and space constraint we manufacture formally suitable racks as per the customer needs. Being able to produce any complex range of product with minimal cost values we are said to belong to the topper level in rack manufacturing. Our products are of international standards with lot of demand in the market. We deal with our customers ethically so as to make them comfortable to approach us in case of any difficulties.

Incorporation of modern techniques and systematic manufacturing procedure has made us to achieve growth in early phase. We act as competitors for various other manufacturing industries. Our basic motto is to serve the mankind by reducing the risk of end users. We use customary method of manufacturing which maintains the consistency in our product quality. Our products have been gained name from many industrial sectors for their easy usability. With low maintenance our products can be easily portable with adequate facilities. We experiment the rack features and only if the entire criterion is satisfied we release them into the market. We also consider the interior designing of the racks and manufacture the racks. Being built with higher withstanding capacity our racks are also able to bear multi level of loaded goods. With high texture and durability in our product we are identified as the best heavy duty rack manufacturers. To know much about our products you can directly visit us at our company.



Heavy Duty Pallet & Shelving Racking Systems