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pharmaceuticalracks in Goa | CaseStudy | Metal Storage Systems Pvt Ltd

pharmaceuticalracks in Goa

Case Study

Prime Challenges Faced by PHARMACEUTICALS Industry
Heavy Weight, Damages, Accessibility

The pharma industry is a fast growing industry and needs to hygienically store various drugs and syringes in a systemized manner to ease the retrieval and storing process. It needs storage rack which facilitates inventory management and accommodates less storage space. Therefore a cost-effective and compact storage racks with better sealing was required to protect the quality of the products.

Key Issues Faced

  • A compact, stylish, and hygienic storage rack is required to store drugs and syringes safely, and hygienically.
  • The storage rack should have a better sealing solution to protect the quality of the products.
  • The storage rack should have a comprehensive design arrangement which is easy to access and manage.
  • The storage rack should be light-weight, portable, durable, easy to maintain.It should also be cost-effective.

Metsto Solution for PHARMACEUTICALS storage system

METSTO came up with the best storage rack solution. The mobile storage rack by METSTO is a perfect solutions to satisfy the purpose. It has multiple shelves organized into a single racking system which occupied less amount of floor space. The enclosed racks are arranged in sequence providing single aisle space to control the entire racking system and provides the best sealing solution to sustain the quality of the products. The racks have a stylish design, robust in construction and have well-crafted handles that make handling easy and comfortable.

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