Picking Shelving

Picking And Shelving Racks
Large Product Range For Diverse Requirements

This racking and storage system affords, the benefit of quick assembly, good stability, and aesthetic eye appeal, at an relatively low cost. They are fully adjustable, durable and are designed to bear medium to heavy payloads.

At Metsto we design and develop the most ingenious, cost effective storage solutions that maximize utilization of available space, ease the process of stowing and stacking as well as retrieval of materials. As designers and industrial shelving rack manufacturers we cater to multiple verticals and infrastructure needs. Shelving racks are a versatile storage solution that is easy to install and be customized to fit the storage space. Shelving racks are a mainstay in distribution centres both lage and small. Their rugged structure ensues its ability to withstand wear and tear over an extended period, as well as withstand the elements.

As shelving rack manufacturers, efficiency enhancing, infrastructure solution are uppermost in our list of priorities. Picking and shelving racks are fully adjustable, and are easily and speedily assembled. Its simplicity of design allows you to convert it to a multitier racking system, as business needs demand. The shelving rack structure is light and yet sturdy and robust in its ability to withstand protracted wear and tear. It is also easy to dismantle and relocate.

KEY benefits

  • Aesthetic eye appeal, at an relatively low cost
  • Affords, the benefit of quick assembly, excellent stability
  • Eases the process of stowing and stacking as well as retrieval of materials
  • The shelving rack is customized based on the available space
  • Durable and are designed to bear medium to heavy payloads

How Should you choose Right
Picking Shelving racks?

Diverse Solutions For Picking And Shelving Racks

The aesthetic eye appeal is just the opener to the amazing qualities of our picking and shelving systems. Our picking and shelving storage racks are reputed for its versatility in the nature of material it can accommodate. Variation of any storage material and dimensions are factors we prioritize in our design and manufacturing process. We satiate your need with not just a picking and shelving rack, but a picking and shelving infrastructure, that is the solution.