Motorized Mobile
Storage Racks

Motorized Mobile Storage Racks
Large Product Range For Versatile Applications

Instant Karma they are not, but speedier, more secure, safer, stable efficient and effective in enhancing productivity, the motorized mobile racks will allow you the leisure of focusing on your main line of business, and reduce man power, and a speedier return on investment.

Your investment on the motorized mobile storage racking system, a new approach, is a sure-fire way to infuse your business line with the best in automation, and the best in motorized mobile racking storage system manufacturers can offer, but also, thereby reducing delivery timelines, and bolstering turnover. Mobile storage racks enhance space utility by eliminating compacting shelving systems into a relatively smaller space and by making obsolete the need for aisles. An aisle, path or access is opened to the location where your specifically required material is located by easily mobilizing entire rows of shelving.

A space saving advantage is, necessity for the provision of just one aisle space for the entire racking system. The racks amazing load bearing capacity offered by motorized mobile rack manufacturers, Metsto, not only corroborates its design and manufacturing solidity, but also its durability. They have applications in various industries, and most popular with the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. Motorized mobile racks in Bangalore and Goa are indispensable to a variety of industries, including the chemical, food and beverage, and electronics industries to name a few.


  • Just one aisle space required
  • The racks are fitted with four swivel caster for easy transport
  • Indispensable to industries where material stored needs protection from dust
  • The two front casters are lockable to keep the entire rack fixed and stable
  • Improves productivity since operation of the rack to store or access material is within a smaller ground surface area
  • Safety switches, photo sensors, and a limit switch are some of safety/operation features incorporated in the control panel
  • Access is provided through electronic mobility of racks

How Should you choose Right
Motorized Mobile Storage Racks?

Versatile solutions with motorized mobile storage, stacking and racking

Our motorized mobile storage racks are reputed for its versatility in the nature of material it can accommodate. Variation of any storage material and dimensions are factors we prioritize in our design and manufacturing process.