Mobile Pallet

Mobile Pallet Racking System
Large Product Range For Diverse Requirements

Standard roller tracks, fashioned in skate wheel mechanics basics, and conveyor style rollers are incorporated to ease and simplify the handling, storage, stacking and racking process, with the mobile palette racking system. Identifying the appropriate racking is the first step in enhancing operational efficiency of your stacking, racking, storage, and transportation process.

This process works quite simply by using gravity to its advantage, placing a cartoon or goods at the elevated end of the rack they slowly roll towards the other end safe and without expending physical, mechanical or electrical energy. This also incorporates the FIFO concept of the package first going in is also the first to go out. Capitalizing on the force of gravity, the mobile palette racking system, is a labour saving device, actually “transporting” goods from point A (the elevated end) to point B the lower end of the rack, in minimal time. Our highly skilled team of designers and engineers, based upon an extensive study of your storage facility and understanding the nature of material for stowage and transport will recommend the type, and model specific to your business. The simple combination of the force of nature along with the most basic of mechanical devices contributes remarkable, increase in operational efficiency.

KEY benefits

  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Eliminates the need for expending electrical or alternative power source
  • Enhances productivity
  • Reduces manual labour input
  • Speeds up operational efficiency
  • Recommended for multiple applications from pharma to FMCG

How Should you choose Right
Mobile Pallet Racking System?

Diverse Solution For Mobile Palettes

he endearing feature of the mobile palette rack is in reducing your reliance on huge manpower or manual labour, and at the same time enhances volume of goods to racked, stacked, stored, handled, or transported. Our mobile palette racks are reputed for its versatility in the nature of material it can accommodate. Variation of any storage material and dimensions are factors we prioritize in our design and manufacturing process.